Booking Your Motorcycle Theory Test

A Brief Overview of Motorcycle Theory Tests

Motorcycle theory tests are a requirement before taking the practical test. There are a number of CD and DVD programmes to help with revision, along with sample tests on the internet, so that you are prepared when it comes to test day. But what is the point in these theory tests and what should you expect on the day?


Why Have Motorcycle Theory Tests


The theory tests are a way to assess your knowledge of the highway code and law. Drivers can be excellent practically but they are a danger if they don’t understand who has the right of way and what they should do at various types of crossings or in different weather conditions. The tests are there to make sure you know all of that and you have to pass one before you take your motorbike practical test.


The Style of Questions


The questions, like car theory tests, are in two parts. The first is a range of multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of the highway code and law. The exact questions will depend on the type of vehicle you are learning to drive so motorbike theory tests have questions that you wouldn’t see on theory tests for other vehicles, due to the different requirements and laws.


The second part tests your hazard perception. This part of theory tests is the same for all vehicles and makes sure you are aware of everything going on around you. You look at the computer screen and it as if you are on/in the vehicle and you have to point out all the hazards.


How Much Revision Do You Need to Do?


This differs for everyone. Some people can pass the motorbike theory tests after just a few hours of revision while others need months, sometimes years, to learn everything. You will need to consider the type of person you are. How well do you learn theory? Has it taken you longer in school?


Booking Your Motorbike Theory Test


You can do this online at the Gov.UK website. You will need an email address and your driving license number to do this. There is also a telephone number on the website to call if you need help or you will have some special requirements when it comes to taking your theory test. If you have previously failed your motorbike theory test, you must wait three days before trying again.